Electric chain hoists

Manufactured in accordance with international standard

Since its launch, the Blift electric chain hoist has been highly appreciated and has become the most popular among customers and crane manufacturers for its high quality and performance at a very competitive price. Continuing its German-derived design concept, the Blift electric chain hoist is compact, reliable and durable, and suitable for a wide range of applications. Blift electric chain hoists are fully designed and manufactured in accordance with European FEM, EN and German DIN standards.


Ergonomic design and standardization allow to improve the operating experience with a very low maintenance cost. The major components of the Blift chain hoist are designed with minimal maintenance requirements under the specified operating conditions and do not require replacement.

Exceptional performance

The modular design allows for a flexible combination of product units for quick and easy customization as well as better maintenance. The Blift Electric Chain Hoist can work together with manual or motorized trolleys to be installed on flexible beams, monorails, jib cranes and overhead cranes. VVVF carriage control combined with high lifting speed provides you with flexible and cost-effective material handling solutions.

Standard configuration

  1. Dual speed hoist motor with variable frequency 1tn – 32tn standard
  2. Hoist electromagnetic disc brake and maintenance free design
  3. 380V/2Ph/0Hz Supply voltage
  4. Control voltage 48V
  5. Lift limit switch
  6. Variable carriage motor with a speed of -.20m/min
  7. The degree of protection of the electric motor is Grade IP55, and the insulation is Grade F.
  8. Group of lifting hook with safety lock
  9. Lift load limiter
  10. Ambient temperature: -20ºC – + 40ºC

Modular design and multiple combinations

Selection Chart for Electric Chain Hoists

*Product in stock.


Our basic unit, simple and strong. Designed for fixed point installations. It is possible to equip it with a large number of accessories.


Equipped with a manual traction cart, perfect for powering workstations quickly and easily.


Our motorized trolley considerably increases the options for using your hoist and, therefore, your work station.