Radio controls

For the perfect and safe control of your lifting equipment.

We have the technology and support of Tele Radio, a company with more than 65 years in the market. With its wide range of industrial remote controls, we can offer our clients, from basic configurations and compact equipment, to the most advanced and personalized ones to control your Overhead Crane.

Select quality components – safe, reliable and durable

High-quality components are essential to product excellence. From the hoist motor to the gearbox, from the drum to the cable, from the electrical components to the structural elements, BLIFT spares no expense in the manufacture of each individual part, since the desired performance and quality depend the quality of each of the components.

Precise positioning, high efficiency

High-quality drive units ensure safe, smooth and efficient operation. Hook drift has been minimized by a compact structural design. Standard configuration with two-speed hoist control, optional inverter control, ensures efficient crane operation and improves logistics efficiency within the workshop, thereby ensuring that BLIFT customers' plans can be implemented as planned.

Safe and reliable Operation monitoring facilitates maintenance

With various control and protection functions, which keep the crane safe and reliable during operation. The operation control unit can record the electric hoist's operation status, motor operation status and safe duty cycle in detail, and send error notices in advance. All recorded data can be used in service, helping service personnel to identify root causes, making regular maintenance work much easier.

Modular design Low maintenance cost Hassle-free spare parts service

The modular design concept permeates the entire product design process, thus ensuring standardization and interchangeability of components and significantly reducing product maintenance cost. All of the company's product lines carry a complete inventory of replacement parts. Our professional service team strives to provide timely after-sales services for our customers, helping them solve problems with hassle-free experiences.

Monorail Electric Hoists

Lifting capacity from 1 to 12.5Tn

Double Rail Electric Hoists

Lifting capacity from 1 to 100Tn

Associated Component Brands

Our teams are made up of the best brands.